Month: June 2017

BLNDED Founders Series | Sophie Kwok

In our ongoing series on BLNDED Founders, we spoke with Sophie Kwok, founder and CEO of Love Intently, a member of the second cohort group of DivInc, a 12-week pre-accelerator championing diversity located at Capital Factory in Austin Texas. If you’re interested in building...

/ June 29, 2017

Candid Conversations Are Necessary When Discussing Diversity in Tech

Unless you’re new here, you’re aware that the BLNDED Media team loves events involving leadership, tech and diversity. When we find an event that covers all three of these topics, we know we’ve really hit the jackpot. Yesterday we had the pleasure...

/ June 27, 2017

Bonus notes from Arlan: LGBTQ Founders!

Arlan discusses her intent to fund more LGBTQ-founded startups, her adoration of Lesbians Who Tech, and Pride month. Bonus notes from Arlan: LGBTQ Founders! Source: Backstage Podcast

/ June 26, 2017

Side Hustle to Empire: The 3 Hardest Things About Running My Startup

We always hear about entrepreneurship success stories because everyone shares that. But what we often don’t hear about, are the less glamorous parts of entrepreneurship. In this Vlog, I talk about the personal challenges I faced in the early stages...

/ June 26, 2017

Why the Tech Industry Can No Longer Delay the Conversation About Race

Insights from Karen Fleshman, Founder of Racy Conversations “We will postpone and delay the conversation about race because it makes people extremely uncomfortable.” That’s Karen Fleshman, Founder of Racy Conversations, speaking with Change Catalyst’s Juliette Roy on the Tech Inclusion...

/ June 23, 2017

What’s Diversity Got To Do With It?

Over the past five years, the landscape of the Austin tech startup scene has changed. Some would argue the change has been for the better. But if we look closely, we can still see many opportunities for growth. You have...

/ June 23, 2017

A Journey To Black Wall Street

Just like many others, I was never taught about Black entrepreneurs, investors or inventors in school. The advancements made by this group were never mentioned in my African-American Studies honor class in high school, and I always wondered why. Similarly, I...

/ June 15, 2017

BLNDED Founders | Miriam Derin Raji

As a part of the BLNDED Founders series, we interviewed Miriam Derin Raji, founder and CEO of Tekhniteo, a company working to capture building energy usage to provide targeted products and services. Miriam is currently part of the second cohort...

/ June 13, 2017

Backstage Podcast: CareAcademy – Helen Adeosun

Helen Adeosun, Co-Founder and CEO of CareAcademy, shares the story behind the mission of a startup setting the standard in education for caregivers. CareAcademy mission is to make sure that all caregivers have access to an excellent education so that...

/ June 13, 2017

Apply for LAUNCH’s Founder.University this July! sends out a popular newsletter highlighting the hottest news happening in the tech world each day. On occasion, they also send out information on opportunities that can benefit entrepreneurs! The LAUNCH team recently announced the next edition of their Founder.University,...

/ June 9, 2017