Month: June 2017

BLNDED Founders Series | Jamal Wilburn

In our series premiere of BLNDED Founders, we interviewed Jamal Wilburn, Founder and CEO of BigMouff Media and a member of the second cohort group of DivInc, a 12-week pre-accelerator championing diversity located at Capital Factory in Austin Texas. Sign up here for BigMouff’s...

/ June 2, 2017

Meet Austin’s Newest Diversity in Tech Meetup

Social media has become a huge tool for inspiration and impact, especially for Austin’s own Ricky Sánchez. He became inspired to spark change after reading a tweet by Lara Hogan, VP of Engineering at Etsy. When I tell men to stop mentoring and...

/ June 2, 2017

Seattle Diversity and Inclusion Leader Spotlight: Cheryl Ingram, CEO of Diverse City

In today’s Diversity & Inclusion Leader Spotlight, we hear from Cheryl Ingram, PhD, CEO and Founder of Diverse City LLC. Diverse City offers the development and implementation of long term high quality, diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies, policies, and practices....

/ June 1, 2017