BLNDED’s COVID-19 Response

When you know you’re experiencing history, you feel it in your bones differently. COVID-19 is making its mark in the history books for many bleak reasons, but it’s also bringing up past history, relating to many injustices, inequities and everyday freedoms we all take for granted. 

Everyone on this planet has been affected by this virus in one way or another. In the U.S. alone, it’s been extremely apparent there is a lack of adequate resources and clear disparities for many underserved communities with regard to the issues around our healthcare industry, access to correct information, and timely support to access approved government emergency loan funding for small businesses. 

According to the Associated Press, 75% of $349 billion in emergency funds of the Payback Protection Program (PPP), which was supposed to infuse small businesses with emergency loans, went instead to 75 publicly traded companies. 

This global pandemic is also exposing weaknesses in our global, national, and local ecosystem infrastructures. The supply chain of essential goods and services to organizations, front line workers, support staff, and everyday people who are losing their jobs is happening at an alarming rate. 

This is a moment in history, although filled with sadness and anger, where there is an opportunity for positive change to take root. This is a moment in time where all human beings come together for the common good of humanity. 

Entrepreneurs, community advocates, and faith-based leadership are needed more than ever! Many conversations have taken place around how to do things within our systems. At the national level it has taken too long to spill over into action, and many Americans are still waiting to feel and touch the encouragement. 

The media industry has been in disarray for quite some time but COVID-19 has landed some severe blows around the future of media and journalism. Cision’s 2020 State of the Media Report cites trust and bias in the media and technology’s impact on the media landscape as critical areas among others as major issues in the media industry has. 

Facebook Journalism Project established the COVID-19 Local News Relief Fund, and Google launched the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund in response to help publishers, journalists, and newsrooms cover the pandemic. Unity and collaboration is crucial to move forward through this crisis. It’ll be interesting to see the results of these two funds, and how the funds are distributed.

One of our goals at BLNDED Media during this crisis is to create a nonprofit foundation dedicated toward the development of technologies and tools benefiting businesses, newsrooms and storytellers in underserved markets. Interested in getting involved? Send us an email