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Austin is a dynamic city with a business culture that is always drawing comparisons to the coasts, whether we want them or not. Here’s the thing — the fact that Austin, a metro area of 2 million, is drawing these comparisons goes to show how robust and capable our ecosystem truly is. We have one of the nation’s most innovative universities, incredible entrepreneurs and of course a quality of life that everyone is envious of that make our innovation ecosystem the top in the country.

And that’s why we host 50 on Fire.

50 on Fire is our annual awards show where we celebrate all those people who are truly instrumental to Austin’s top billing as a place to live and do business. We’re celebrating the founders who have created multiple companies, the marketers who are bringing our companies to the masses, the technologists and engineers whose knowledge base is elevating the skills and abilities of future generations of developers. We’re celebrating the people whose incubators have churned out high-caliber companies and the people who are drawing national attention and dollars to Austin. We’re celebrating the people and companies who are on fire.

Below are the 150 finalists for this year’s event, broken down into 8 categories: B2B Tech, Consumer Tech, Hardware, Health & Life Sciences, Marketing & Advertising, Lifestyle, Social Impact and Supporters (Investors, Incubators, Mentors & More). We had some incredible nominations and it was a challenge to narrow it down to 150.

Finally, here’s what happens next with 50 on Fire. Next week, we’ll host a 3-day photo shoot with every finalist. We then send a complete judging packet to a group of influencers and thought-leaders to select their top third in each category. We’ll be announcing the judges, along with a November ‘Meet the Judges’ meetup. Then, over the next month, we cut together a 15-minute video of the winners that’s revealed LIVE at 50 on Fire. (Early Bird tickets are on sale; grab them now!)

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