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When I was twelve years old – I vividly remember walking my neighbor’s dog in the hot sun, going to a family friend’s house to pull weeds, or pushing my dad’s lawnmower around the block cutting grass – all for my self-made business “Let B Do The Job.” I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and always loved the idea of “being the boss” and marching to the beat of my own drum. Growing up witnessing my dad’s leadership and business acumen mixed with my mom’s creativity, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, is honestly what lead me to become an entrepreneur.

When I officially started my first business, I simultaneously was also studying biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech. This is where I realized how passionate my peers and I were about our side-hustles. We discussed the books we were reading and workshops we attended to better our businesses, and struggled with the fact that many of these resources featured businessmen and businesswomen who looked nothing like us. My cofounders and I then knew it was time for an organization to cultivate black businesses that supported the challenges we face, and to promote the positivity and genius my fellow entrepreneurs possessed.

The Black Burdell, Inc. was then born in Atlanta, the Mecca of Black Business, with the purpose of nurturing the many seeds of black-owned businesses and cultivating young, black entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build a supportive community where we all can help one another, similarly to Black Wall Street in the 1920s. We aim to crowdsource the knowledge of fellow entrepreneurs; not only to teach entrepreneurs how to turn their passion into a paycheck, but also how to be a support resource for one another.

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Remember, sharing is caring!

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