Category: Your Why

BLNDED Founders Series | Joseph Rea

After working for nearly a decade as a computer engineer, I found that my soul was pulling me in another direction. I’ve always felt I wanted something more from my career – more depth, more passion, more meaning. I’ve finally...

/ March 22, 2016

BLNDED Founders Series | Kathryn Gonzales

My first job after college was at a startup, and I was immediately hooked. I love the buzzing energy that can only happen when a group of people roll up their sleeves and put their heads together in an effort...

/ March 18, 2016

BLNDED Founders Series | Scott McElroy

I became an entrepreneur after my first son was born. I remember talking to him as a baby and telling him, “Always follow your heart. Always chase your dreams,” but then realizing that I wasn’t doing that for myself. I...

/ March 18, 2016