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Top Tech Trends 2018

These Are The Top Tech Trends of 2018

Tech trends come and go each year, but there are certain topics that make an influence on our lives and stick around for the long haul. Anyone in tech – from a web developer, QA guru or social media manager...

/ January 11, 2018

Join BLNDED at Tarmac TX Demo Day

The BLNDED Media team loves when incubators and accelerator programs host demo days, and the Tarmac TX Demo Day on January 9th at Google Fiber is no exception! Join Tarmac TX as its 2017 cohort presents what they’ve been working on for the...

/ January 4, 2018
Naji H. Kelley and Paul O'Brien

BLNDED Founders | Naji H. Kelley

We had a blast chatting with Paul O’Brien of MediaTech Ventures for his podcast in The Startup Studio at Galvanize Austin. Naji. H Kelley, CEO of BLNDED Media, enjoyed the opportunity to catch everyone up on BLNDED’s vision, what BLNDED is...

/ January 3, 2018

What Does BLNDED Look Like in 2018?

We’re less than three weeks away from 2018, but time flies when you’re building and focused. At the same time, it can also seem to move slow if you’re feeling lost or unsure of your direction. For many People of...

/ December 19, 2017

BLNDED Founders | Brian L. Fontenot

How many students graduating in December 2017 had a mentor or someone who helped push them to realize their fullest potential? In certain underserved communities, that number is probably slim to none. The reason is due to school programming that can...

/ December 5, 2017

How Congo Ltd’s Diverse Team Built An Acquirable Platform

On October 11, DigitalTown (OTC PINK:DGTW), a GovTech 100 company that builds city-specific Web portals to serve as directories and marketplaces, announced their agreement to purchase certain assets from Congo Ltd., including the technology powering Congo Ltd’s flagship brand JustLegal. Willy...

/ November 2, 2017

Why the #FundAFounder Crowdfunding Campaign Is What Minority-Led Startups Need!

Whether you’ve been following diversity in tech in the news or not, the stats about diverse founders raising capital has been low compared to their white counterparts. Female-led companies made up just 4.94% of all VC deals in 2016. Even...

/ October 23, 2017

The Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship: Opportunities For African-American Women Entrepreneurs

Announcing the Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship: Providing Opportunities For African-American Women Entrepreneurs The third annual San Francisco Tech Inclusion Conference, Career Fair, and Startup Showcase is October 17th — 18th at The Armory. For the past two years, our goal...

/ August 25, 2017
Interview Bias

It’s Time to Change the Way We Interview and Build Teams

Let’s face it: Interviews are nerve-wracking situations. The thought of being picked apart for your dream job by a simple sheet of paper, and the best explanation of your entire career in an hour-long meeting, can make even the most...

/ August 17, 2017

BLNDED Founders Series | Divine & BLAK Fintech

Meet Divine, Founder and CEO of BLAK Fintech. BLAK, which stands for “Building Leverage Acquiring Knowledge,” is an online and mobile financial services company. Its mission is to build affordable and tech-driven personal financial and banking products with a focus...

/ August 8, 2017