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Contributor Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to BLNDED! We’re excited to have you join our growing team and provide amazing content for our diverse community.
  • As a media platform dedicated to using data to develop brands, content, and data-driven experiences to build a more inclusive business ecosystem, we prefer for your piece to align with the content on our platform.
  • We prefer to post original content that has not been on another blog, website, or platform.
  • Providing the best quality writing to our readers is important to us. Therefore we expect your content to be an original concept that provides great detail and has no grammatical errors.
  • Our team encourages you to make your contribution yours, but also keep it professional. Excessive slang or jargon may deter your message.
  • Articles with at least 2000 words perform best on our site.
  • If using data/stats and quotes, please cite your sources. BLNDED Media strives to have factual content.
  • Please do not link to your personal blog or company website more than once in your post as we do not want our readers to feel as if they are reading an advertisement.
  • We will accept posts that highlight a presentation, infographic or video as long as there are at least 500 words accompanying the visual content.
  • We do expect all contributors to share their post on their personal/company social media platforms once it is live on the BLNDED Media platform.
  • We are fans of contributors who can produce content one to two times each month.
Our team will review your submission and edit for spelling, grammar and overall messaging. We will edit your piece and return it to you with our suggestions before it is posted on our website. Please note that every pitch or post we receive will not go live on our site.