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Kathryn Brown of Scout Savvy on Being a Women Entrepreneur in Tech

By Jared Karol

Kathryn Brown, CEO and Founder of Scout Savvy, a Portland, Oregon-based data driven diversity recruiting platform, doesn’t buy into the common refrain from companies that say they would hire more women and minorities if only they could find more women and minority talent.

“This is what inspired me to start my company,” Kathryn says. “As a female developer in Portland, I was going to [meetups] and we would have a thousand women in a room. I would say, ‘Okay, we’re all here, but you guys can’t find us to hire us?’”

Kathryn created Scout Savvy to bridge that divide by allowing companies to gain easy visibility into the talent that already exists out there. “Diversity and inclusion are really hot buzzwords,” Kathryn says. “Companies want to be more diverse and inclusive, and they’re feeling the social and economic pressure to do so, but they don’t really know what they should do.”

So instead of just saying they can’t find the talent, they need to find people like Kathryn and apps like Scout Savvy whose very purpose is to find diverse talent. “The good thing is [many] companies are not giving up,” Kathryn says, optimistically. “We’re definitely not there yet — and companies won’t be for a little while — but they’re willing to try new and different things. That should definitely be applauded.”

Kathryn Brown, CEO and Founder of Scout Savvy

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