Handling COVID-19 as a Senior in High School?

COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc on the lives of millions around the world, and in this pool lie high school students. As a senior this year, I have had a unique experience during the final year of my 13year journey through the education system due to the shelter-in-place order.

When the shelter-in-place was announced, many of my peers and I thought it would merely be a week-long extension of our spring break. However, as the number of cases in the U.S. and foreign countries started rising, we all implicitly understood what was about to occur: an extension of the constantly expanding timeline to the end of the semester. 

Senioritis, a term coined to refer to the overall lack of motivation for seniors’ second semester after being accepted into college, hit extremely hard for the class of 2020 due to the transition to online learning. Grades are no longer set in place, as our performance is now dictated by a pass/incomplete system. While my peers and I are no longer held accountable via grades, I think we are all glad to have teachers that are providing us with engaging learning activities through remote learning, in the midst of the otherwise uneventful quarantine. While it is not the same, I am glad to have the opportunity to meet my peers virtually while participating in engaging class discussions.

Looking forward, the transition to college might also be affected by this pandemic. Even if the quarantine is lifted, I think faculty, professors, and students will be uncomfortable returning to the congregations of large groups. 

Personally, I am taking this time to develop skills I know will provide me with utility later on in my life and career. I believe that in 20 years, we will have some of the most noteworthy and intelligent minds pointing back to this period of quarantine, and citing it as the primary reason they rose to the stature they are in. Taking small steps towards large goals, and remaining consistent, is instrumental to the progression of my expertise. It isn’t all work either. I am having a blast working out at home, making music while learning fingerstyle guitar, among other instruments and theory.

Even though quarantine has stripped my peers and I of many memorable experiences of our senior year, we understand that it is essential to protect our well-being. Instead of thinking of this period of time as a curse, I am taking it as a blessing to reconnect with myself and family while learning new skills and relaxing.