Koya makes #TechforGood

It is the little things that matter the most, and KOYA makes that possible. 

KOYA (Kindness On YA) is a location-based gift service company founded in Austin, Texas. This family start-up gives people the opportunity to truly “show someone you care when you can’t be there”. The platform utilizes geofencing and PayPal to send personalized messages through the platform. 

Let’s say you and a friend from college visited Starbucks every Monday morning on the way to class. Now that you’ve graduated, those Monday pit-stops are just a memory. KOYA steps in to bring that moment back to life. By sending a “KOYA” you can pay for your friend’s coffee (or favorite item) virtually on their next visit.

“Nowadays you don’t see a lot of impactful social interactions with people, KOYA makes it even easier to show someone you were thinking of them,” said Co-Founder Courtney Werner.   

Studies show that 1 in 2 people in America are lonely. Nearly half (46 percent) of adult Americans view themselves as lonely, according to a 20,000-person 2018 survey from Cigna, which used UCLA’s Loneliness Scale. 

(Courtney Werner/ Koya)

The KOYA app is available on iOS and Android. 

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