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Social media has become a huge instrument for inspiration and impact. For Ricky Sánchez, he was inspired after reading a tweet by Lara Hogan (Engineering Director at Etsy). and in response wrote the article “Sponsoring and promoting women and minorities in tech” expressing his thoughts and plan of action.

Austin Diversity in Tech Meetup goal is to promote women and minorities who are or want to be doing something in tech. Stories from their startups, jobs, or businesses.

Interested in presenting or pitching? Email the following below.

If you are a woman or a minority and want to present or pitch your idea, your startup, or share your story, please email to secure your spot.

Please include the following in your email:

• Name and title

• Name of startup/business (if any)

• What would you like to present or talk about


Link to Diversity in Tech Meetup Presentations


Want to pitch your idea or attend an event? Signup for their meetup or connect on Twitter.

Check here to see photos from the first event.


Special thanks to Ricky Sánchez & DiversityinTech for putting on such an amazing event alongside sponsors including WP Engine and Web Mica.

Remember, sharing is caring!

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