+SocialGood Announces A New Two Year Leadership Program for Social Good Connectors

+SocialGood is an international community where changemakers come together to share ideas and inspire solutions. Through partnership, collaboration and innovation, we know we can create the world we want by the year 2030.

+SocialGood will be launching a new two-year leadership program, where emerging SDG leaders will get trained on advocacy and organizing skills and connected with our work and the work of the United Nations.

About the program:

Connectors are proven global citizens who are working on social good issues. As you know, past Connectors have led social entrepreneur incubators, built groups dedicated to local grassroots action, led socially conscious media companies, and more. Each Connector commits to join monthly community calls, host at least one on-the-ground event a year, write 12 blog posts for +SocialGood, participate in 5 United Nations Foundation digital events, and do 2 social media takeovers.  More information on the program is included in the attached one-pager.

Applications are open from now until June 15th. To apply, submit your application today.

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