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Announcing the Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship: Providing Opportunities For African-American Women Entrepreneurs

The third annual San Francisco Tech Inclusion Conference, Career Fair, and Startup Showcase is October 17th — 18th at The Armory. For the past two years, our goal has been to create the most inclusive and diverse conference experience for everyone in tech to learn, speak and attend. We partner with the tech companies, non-profits, and investors who believe in creating an inclusive tech ecosystem and culture to provide scholarship opportunities for individuals to attend Tech Inclusion events across the world.

In 2017 to-date we have provided the following scholarship opportunities for attendees:

With data showing that African-American Women Entrepreneurs only receive 0.2 of venture capital, at Change Catalyst we are well aware of the challenges African-American women entrepreneurs and all underrepresented entrepreneurs face in the tech industry. Which is one of the many reasons we’re excited to partner with individuals who align with values to “focus on the solutions” such as Sian Morson and Alison Cross.

The Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship

Today we’re excited to share a new partnership with tech entrepreneur and investor Sian Morson and Alison Cross to announce the Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship. Sian and Alison created the scholarship to provide an opportunity for African American women to attend the Tech Inclusion Conference in San Francisco. Sian and Alison believe in the mission of the Tech Inclusion Conference and would like to support other Black women who would like to attend but may not be able to due to financial reasons.

“Much has been made of the lack of women and specifically Black women in tech. We wanted to provide an opportunity for those who may not be able to attend a conference like Tech Inclusion because the cost may be prohibitive for them.”

Tech Inclusion SF 2017 —


The scholarship is open to African American women founders and technologists. The scholarship covers the price of one ticket to The SF Tech Inclusion Conference.

You can apply for the Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship here:

The Morson Tech Inclusion Scholarship covers the price of one ticket to Tech Inclusion San Francisco 2017 Conference held October 17th-19th and does not cover travel, hotel/lodging or any outside expenses the scholarship participants may accrue by attending the conference.

We excited to partner with Sian Morson and Alison Cross to create an new opprounity for African-American Women Entrepreneurs.

More Scholarship Opportunities

You can find more Tech Inclusion Scholarship opportunities here: . If you are a company or indiducal who would like to partner with us to provide scholroships or sponsor Tech Inclusion we can be reached at

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