BLNDED Founders Series | Vi Nguyen

I went to The University of Texas (UT) and double-majored in sociology and documentary film. I was accepted into the UT School of Public Health in Houston, and had planned to attend, but my mom told me to try business for right now. She said if you aren’t happy or can’t survive working first, then think about getting your master’s degree. This really changed how I thought since I was always pushed to prioritize education at such a young age.

My mom has always been a hustler and started her own alterations and dry cleaning business when I was young. She did not have a lot of support but still did it on her own. Now she is voted as one of the best tailors in Dallas-Fort Worth. She’s definitely the tough love type, but has been very supportive of me as an entrepreneur. I come from a family of strong women so I don’t think it was a far-fetched idea that I would strive to start my own business.

In the last year I’ve been working with Homads, I’ve come to realize how much change you can create with startups. It’s an extremely empowering thing to realize, and I’m super stoked to work in the startup scene.