BLNDED Graduates from WeWork’s ViR Program Powered by Bunker Labs

Muster Across AmericaBLNDED Media recently completed the six-month WeWork Veterans In Residence (ViR) Program powered by Bunker Labs.

Bunker Labs has been a great resource for the veteran community, especially for those interested in entrepreneurship and technology. As a part of the network, we were able to connect with other veterans through the challenges of building their companies. Below is a snapshot of our peers and what we learned from them.

  • Tenavox: Tips on how to manage a team and raise funds.
  • Abraxas Technology: Learned the importance of company structure and the reality of the accelerator experience.
  • ThinkandZoom: Your company cannot be inclusive if you’re not meeting the needs of the disabled community.
  • Athlete Foundry: Persistence and focus are key.
  • Stay Pass: It is important to understand how VC’s invest in startups and how to start your business with the end in mind.
  • Kid Vitality: It is never too late to start a company or to inspire the next generation.
  • Leverage the community and tech resources to empower the next generation.

The ViR program also allowed us to connect with fellow vets on a level that was familiar to us all. The comradery, support, and teamwork we all have for each other in a business setting created bonds rarely seen in this space. We took what we learned from the military and flipped it to entrepreneurship. Building with others around you who have your best interest in mind is priceless.

The executive leadership of Sabrina and Johnathan Wojtewicz has been huge! Making introductions to companies big and small helped us better understand the perspective those companies have on marketing and content in the diversity and inclusion space. Our bi-weekly huddle meetings were an excellent way for us all to bond, vent, and break bread as a unit. Bunker Labs and WeWork created a space for us to develop and grow which we are forever thankful for.

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