How to Prepare For The Coding Interview

Austin’s Hispanic Hackers recently held their second coding interview practice session thanks to HomeAway and Capital Factory.

As we discovered in January, the whiteboard coding interview is often, for better or worse, the typical rite of passage most developers have to overcome to land their dream coding job. If you’ve never interviewed this way before, it can be pretty nerve-racking, as you must stand before a whiteboard and solve a programming challenge on the spot before a scrutinizing audience, and without a computer to help you.

Interviewing Coders during Hispanic Hackers’ First Coding Interview in January

During this go-around, over ten people signed up vying for an interview session at the whiteboard.

This event included six whiteboards, six interviewers, and 10 interviewees rotating around the room answering interview problems ranging from implementing a stack data structure to adding ways to find the min/max value in the stack. After implementing, they must explain what the performance characteristics of each operation are.

Joe Magdaleno, Director of Engineering — Revenue Management at HomeAway participated as an interviewer. When asked what Joe thought about the event, he said, “I really like what the group is doing for the new coding workforce.”

The Spring 2017 Coding Bootcamp at UT

The University of Texas’s coding bootcamp, also had several students attend for the exposure and experience of problem solving at the whiteboard. One student, Serena Nguyen, said she loved the informative event and is looking forward to attending again in the future.

The Hispanic Hackers approach to teaching their community how to problem solve and prepare for real world situations within the tech industry has attracted the interests of tech companies actively searching for more diverse talent to add to their organization.

Hispanic Hackers’ meetups are held the second week of the month at Capital Factory. Their next event will focus on hacking the entrepreneurs’ pitch.