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Dimitry Byk
Dimitry Byk

The motion to innovate older companies and ways of life is more common than ever before. Many of the everyday tasks we complete – such as getting a ride from point A to point B, answering the doorbell, and searching the Internet – are being digitized from out-of-date methods.

Dimitry Byk noticed how old-fashioned the fleet management system was and decided to bring it into the 21st century by launching Chaskify one step at a time.

BLNDED Media: Let’s talk about your company, what you do, and why you chose to create it.

Dmitry Byk: Chaskify actually started when my wife had an idea for a completely different app in 2015. After much debate over the next year, the idea was put into the planning phase and I began interviewing software developers. This is where I met my co-founder, Ariel Morales.

After consultations with attorneys a few weeks later, I determined that the original app idea was not feasible and thanked Morales for his interest. Soon after, he came back to me with the idea for Chaskify, which at that time was simply a POC software package. Since then, the company has grown drastically as the software has improved considerably as customers are using it for their delivery and pick up routes.

Although Morales is no longer with the company in a technical capacity, a new CTO and technology group are adding value by building out version 2.0 of the software in order to be a strong technological improvement on the current version.

BLNDED: What problem are you trying to solve?

Byk: Current fleet management software simply takes the old standard operating procedures of an ancient industry and digitizes it without creating innovation or improvement. Chaskify is taking some of the latest technologies and leveraging them to improve the experience from not just the fleet company side, but also from the end customer side. People generally fear the unknown and fear can lead to anxiety. In the logistics industry, there is a lot of anxiety on both of these ends. Chaskify is designed to reduce that by reverse engineering the customer and company experience by making it simple.

BLNDED: What has been your biggest hurdle as an entrepreneur? What lessons have you learned?

Byk: Being an entrepreneur is scary, especially if you have no formal training as a business person. The only true experience I have from entrepreneurship is what I have learned from my father as he started his own business when I was nine.

My biggest hurdle was not just the risk in starting a business in an industry I hadn’t experienced before, but also the learning curve I went through to learn about the industry and how to run the day-to-day operations of a small upstart business. I’ve learned many things with regards to budgeting, reporting, investments, and software technology.

BLNDED: What resources have helped you the most as an entrepreneur?

Byk: My best resources have been personal interactions with individuals that have had experience in entrepreneurship, investing, and startups. The lessons I’ve learned from our original innovation partner, The South Florida Accelerator (TSFA), have been extremely beneficial.

Sample Chaskify Driver App Task List
Sample Chaskify Driver App Task List

BLNDED: What does diversity and/or diversity in tech mean to you?

Byk: I find diversity to always be a good thing. Bringing in different cultures and ideas from around the world can give insights that might not otherwise be known. How things are done in different places can definitely affect the way technology is built because use cases in places other than the United States have to be taken into account.

BLNDED: Hohas mentorship impacted you as an entrepreneur and your business?

Byk: The best mentorship I’ve had in the last two years has been from both Broward Score and TSFA. The latter has given Chaskify a significant boost regarding how we interact with investors and customers. The insights would have easily taken years to learn on my own.

BLNDED: What advice do you have for first-time entrepreneurs?

Byk: Have a plan in place for how you will build your company including budgeting and road mapping whatever product you’re creating. One of the mistakes I made in the early days of the company was not having a detailed enough plan for the software and the advertising expenses with regard to customer acquisition. I would also suggest speaking to other entrepreneurs about how they went about building their companies from day one and get details on the tools they used to get started on their journey.

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