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Working on a project and need freelance data scientists and engineers?

Eunice Chendjou, CEO and founder of DataGig, created a startup that aims to help organizations of all sizes gain access to data scientists in building out their data analytics and AI use cases. DataGig was founded to help address two critical gaps: organizations needing access to data scientists for some projects, but can’t afford to hire in-house and newly minted data scientists unable to find employment due to lack of real-world experience.

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Eunice Chendjou

Tell us more about your journey.

DataGig is an online marketplace where enterprise hire vetted data experts and vendor partners for their big data and analytic problems on demand. I started the idea in January by going through an idea stage accelerator program called Founder Institute.

Very recently, I slightly pivoted the company to work on a data science apprenticeship program to help data scientists get more experience in the field and for startups to have affordable help with their data initiatives.

What problem are you trying to solve?

We want to help close the gap between the supply and demand of experienced data scientists.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I’ll say my biggest hurdle has been putting a team together and growing together. I have been a solo founder for the most part of my entrepreneurial journey and it can be extremely hard to take control of everything.  

What resources have helped you the most as an entrepreneur?

Having a good community of startup founders and mentors around me has been a great help. The good thing is that they understand your struggles and most times, they’ve already gone through it and can point you in the right direction.

What does diversity mean to you?

I went to college, graduated with a STEM degree and I was the only black girl in my graduating class. I got into the tech workforce after graduation and was still a minority in my department. Even when I quit my job and started my entrepreneurial journey, I barely saw people who looked like me. But every single time, I own it and embrace the fact that I was a minority.

I believe diversity shouldn’t just come from organizations wanting to improve a diverse workforce, from gender, age or even disability. I think it should also come from within yourself, and believing that no matter the color of your skin, age or disability, you can become whoever you want to be.

I believe in helping the next generation grow as more diverse teams in the tech industry, which is why I volunteer for an organization in Austin that I deeply care about called Code2College.

How has mentorship impacted your journey?

I’ve learned a lot from people who have been there and done. I had never owned a tech company before so having mentors and guidance along the way was a game changer.

What advice do you have for first-time entrepreneurs?

Just do it! Action speaks louder than words. I have not been the best when it comes to execution, so I know very well when I say, “Just do it!”

What do you wish you could see more of from other entrepreneurs?

People need to talk more about their struggles than just the successes. When you look on social media, it always seems like someone started a company and out of nowhere raised 5 million dollars.

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