Fundamentals When Pitching Investors

Pitching can be a monumental challenge for many entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge, delivery, and presence. There’s certainly a true skill to standing in front of a room of your peers and convincing them to support your idea.

If you ask Paul O’Brien, an Austin-based thought leader, founder, VC, and CMO who works with innovative companies, he’ll tell you the exact same thing.

Paul recently presented at an Austin Hispanic Hackers meetup about pitching investors. He stressed the importance of the “Why” and “Who,” which are two of the most vital, yet elementary, of points when attempting the actual perfect pitch. The reason behind this is that people will always start by asking “why” you have your specific idea, and then ask who is involved, as a team is the most important piece to ensuring that you’ll accomplish your mission.

Zakary H Llamo-Cohen, a Hispanic Hacker community member, said, “The meetup was excellent, and Paul’s talk was incredibly helpful. Listening to the other members give their pitches and being able to hear the feedback, as well as being able to give my own, was a very useful tool for developing my own pitch.”

The Austin Hispanic Hacker community is closely reaching 1,000 members. With informative events like these, it’s no wonder why the community is growing. Many of the meetups focus on educating the community on topics covering technology and entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to Hispanic Hackers for putting on an informative meetup alongside sponsors Better Beehive ProjectThink and ZoomMindsight, and Capital Factory.