BLNDED Founders Series | Kathryn Gonzales

My first job after college was at a startup, and I was immediately hooked. I love the buzzing energy that can only happen when a group of people roll up their sleeves and put their heads together in an effort to get something off the ground. I feel lucky to have been working alongside heavy-hitting successful entrepreneurs who were eager to collaborate and learn from the less experienced folks in the room and to impart their wisdom on us.

When I decided to launch Storyhouse a few years ago, I didn’t think I had enough clout to go out on a limb and start my own business, but the idea was too good to pass up. I’m passionate about capturing stories that are at risk of being lost and I feel confident that the sacrifices I’ve made along the way will pay off. What I’ve learned through this experience is that a) if you believe in something enough and are willing to work hard for it, any self-doubt that can and should arise is temporary and b) fake it ’til you make it.