Kelly Ireland trailblazers a path for International Inclusion

“I was a tech girl from the start,” said Kelly Ireland.

A native of Nevada, CBTech (CBT) founder Kelly Ireland is a tech leader like no other. With over 40 years of experience in the technology industry, Ireland prides herself on creating a path for those around her. 

Being raised by a teacher and coach, collaboration and teamwork are key principles that are at the forefront of her company CBT.

“CBT was born out of frustration, I was working for a company that wasn’t adapting. The technology was changing and they weren’t following it. I saw a chance of losing my customers,” said Ireland.

CB Tech is located in Orange, California. This 19-year-old award-winning company focuses on client-centric information technology (IT) solutions. A company that started on a gamble has grown nationwide and has an international impact. Proudly founded by a mom and businesswoman, CBT continues to excel because of its will to make changes and take risks. Today CBT is an award-winning organization, with a roster of top clients, and an HPE Platinum partner & inaugural member of HPE’s Channel-to-Edge Institute.

“Being a woman in tech is a challenge but is something I love. It’s difficult but it not changing as fast I would hope. We are seeing some changes but there are also some declines getting women interested in tech, said Ireland when asked about women interested in technology.“

The issues that are centered around women in tech can be credited to the foundation of their social experiences. Ireland spoke in length about how girls starting in middle school would be “bullied” about their interest in coding or gaining technical skills versus going to the mall with friends or getting their nails done. 

“It is important to help girls find people in their school and environment with similarities,” said Ireland. We have to educate boys that it’s OK for girls to be in this field.” 

Last year, Kelly visited Christ University in India where she was able to make several scholarship donations for women to gain technical experience during their matriculation. This effort has now expanded to allow interested candidates the opportunity to intern at CBT in Orange, CA.  

Through similar experiences and her partnership with the Shanti Bahavin Children’s Project, Ireland continues to be an advocate for international inclusion and is inspired by the kids she builds relationships with and their perseverance. 

When Kelly isn’t trailblazer diversity in tech and managing her company, you’ll find Kelly showcasing her athletic prowess. Kelly is an international ski racing champion and in recent years, has begun powerboat racing–U.S. Formula 1 Lights Powerboat. She also takes the time to mentor and sponsors young people in the sport.

Learn more about CBTech and her philanthropic initiative Shanti Bhaven.

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