Sock It To Me: The Growth of Kimchi Socks

Jason V. Holmes, founder and president of Kimchi Socks, understands the need for balance. He also knows that in order to truly build a business, leaders must be ready to sacrifice leisure in order to focus on their company. He recognizes that mentorship and resources can help teams like his make the right decisions more quickly.

Kimchi Socks is an up-and-coming premium boutique label that Holmes started in 2014 when he spent one week at the Hongdae Housetay Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea. The company is currently focusing on designing, producing, and creating content around its growing Crypto Soxs (Socks) line.

Holmes’ goal is to make Kimchi Socks the official sock brand of the Blockchain community. He also wants the company to operate out of its own textile plant because he feels there aren’t enough African-American owned and operated factories because of a lack of resources.

“To be a textile owner places you at the top of the food chain as you are the one controlling the ability to turn raw materials into something that people want and need,” said Holmes. “A lot of us don’t think like this, and because of this, we don’t look to aim to become a titan of the industry.”

Holmes hopes to pair that mindset with a work ethic that will get Kimchi Socks to where the company needs to be.

“I have learned that having a college degree doesn’t make you the smartest person in the room. Being an executor is way more important and a better way to become smarter in your craft,” says Holmes. “Being an active duty Airman with discipline, dedication, determination, and a supportive family is how I can handle running my business while being Active Duty. My why is so great that the sacrifice is well worth it to me.”

Holmes believes Active Duty military entrepreneurs should utilize the invaluable training and experiences they get from serving. Instead of going to school to learn how to lead people and manage budgets, military members get formal, hands-on training and should use that to their advantage.

He also believes that investment resources should be better allocated to diverse audiences as it would greatly help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses the right way. Resources such as reliable mentorship, whether inside or outside of the military, could have helped Holmes grow Kimchi Socks faster, but he relied on books and Gary Vaynerchuk videos to help him through his entrepreneurship journey.

“Create a company that makes money from your skin in the game first before you even consider looking for people to just invest in your idea,” said Holmes, of the best advice he took from Vaynerchuk videos.

The best investment resources are to invest in yourself to become better a better entrepreneur via education. Have fewer friends, make sure your small group of friends are the five average people you want to become, and find yourself a mentor or advisor who can help guide you in achieving your goals.

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