BLNDED Founders | Reda Hicks

Reda Hicks is giving an entirely new meaning to running a business on the go.

Hicks got the inspiration for her startup GotSpot, Inc. as a military spouse seeing those around start portable businesses, ready to pack up and go whenever their family was stationed somewhere new.

After seeing her present at Collision in Toronto earlier this year, the BLNDED team caught up with her to talk about the early stages of her startup.

BLNDED Media: Tell us more about your company and journey. 

Reda Hicks: I’m at the very beginning of my journey with GotSpot, which is AirBnB for commercial spaces. We’re launching in the Fall, and our goal is to harness the brick-and-mortar businesses in a community as resources for other entrepreneurs who will pay to use their space for hours or days at a time.

BLNDED: What has been your biggest hurdle as an entrepreneur? What lessons have you learned?

Reda: The tech. It’s just very far outside my wheelhouse, so I’m having to learn as I go.

BLNDED: What resources have helped you the most as an entrepreneur?

Reda: Bunker Labs, The Cannon, and lots of friends who offer insights and encouragement.

BLNDED: What does diversity and/or diversity in tech mean to you?

Reda: Diversity in tech means equitable access to opportunity and resources. I think it also means the tech community should reflect the actual community. For instance, I’m in Houston, the most diverse city in the country. Our tech community ought to be equally diverse.

BLNDED: What lessons have you learned from your entrepreneurial journey?

Reda: I’ve learned to ask for help sooner, and to stop being embarrassed to talk about my ideas. I’ve also learned that people really want to help you succeed, which is amazing, but you’ll get lots of different advice as a result. You have to be able to parse through it, decide what’s right for you, and keep moving.

I’m in Houston, the most diverse city in the country. Our tech community ought to be equally diverse.

BLNDED: How has mentorship impacted you as an entrepreneur and your business?

Reda: Mentors have been tremendously important to me. Without trusted advisors, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to continue on this journey on my worst day.

BLNDED: What advice do you have for first-time entrepreneurs?

Reda: Research, ask questions, and start talking about your idea early and often. Also, let go of perfect. In my experience so far, there’s no such thing. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to make things perfect.

BLNDED: What lessons have you learned the most about being an entrepreneur?

Reda: Not to let perfect be the enemy of good, and to leap before I feel totally comfortable leaping. I’m an attorney, trained to be risk-averse. With entrepreneurship, you have to use an entirely different lens.

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