BLNDED Founders Series | Ruben Cantu

In 2007, I realized that while so many people were gaining access to create media, the mainstream’s focus was still on content that had no solid and profound impact. The majority of their focus centered on stories that had a short term reward but had no actionable positive message. When questioned about why they decided on producing these projects, their reply was, “Because it is what the audience wants,” without truly considering the audience as a whole. I was at a crossroads in my career, and contemplating on starting from the bottom all over again. I had to make a decision on whether to create content that was easily sellable or create content that could actually make a difference in our world.

I decided to take a risk and start telling stories that focused on the human condition, not just on the surface, but actually pushing beyond in hopes to connect with each viewer’s heart and mind.

Unwilling to settle for the status quo, and taking my lessons from my first company, I was forced to reconsider my career that I had built up to this point. The very culture that helped me get to this point was now conflicting with my core values. I could either ignore it or decide to start all over. Determined that a new way was ahead, I had a deep reflection where I came to grips with what really mattered in life. This is where CORE Media Strategies was conceived. Its goals are to touch people’s hearts and minds. We aim to provide stories that help our society reflect on its condition as citizens/humans/meaningful souls in order to spur progress in our society. We want to celebrate the unheard voices that have truly made a difference in their world, one in which we are all connected.