The Complete List of Diversity-Focused Tech Events at SXSW 2019

We want to thank everyone who supported our list of the diversity-focused tech events at SXSW 2018. Thanks to all of the input, we decided to do the same for 2019!

Below you will find all of the official and unofficial SXSW business and entrepreneurship events that focus on diversity and inclusion. We’ve compiled as many events as possible, and we need your help to find the rest! If we’ve missed an event, please email details to or tweet/DM us on Twitter at @BLNDED.

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March 7 |March 8 | March 9 | March 10 | March 11 | March 12 | March 13 | March 14 | March 15 | March 16 | March 17



Startup Sistas Happy Hour

HBCU Battle of the Brains Opening Tailgate Party

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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The FQ Lounge @ SXSW – The Female Quotient

ReThink Austin 2019

The Inclusive Innovation House

How Washington DC is Changing Female Funding (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in Technology Brunch and Awards

Hysteria No More: Data, Doctors and Women’s Health (BADGE REQUIRED)

Rising Fundamentalisms and Women’s Rights (BADGE REQUIRED)

Feminist Rising: Why Brands Must Take a Stand (BADGE REQUIRED)

F*&K Your Beauty Norms: The Power of Trans Beauty (BADGE REQUIRED)

Moms Are Working – Why Aren’t Maternity Policies? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Sidelined: Women’s Sports in Mass Media (BADGE REQUIRED)

Watch Out Silicon Valley: Rising LATAM Tech Scene (BADGE REQUIRED)

Building a Pathway Toward Financial Inclusion (BADGE REQUIRED)

International Women’s Day at EU@SXSW

Defending the Nation: Immigrants in the Military (BADGE REQUIRED)

International Women’s Day Celebration (BADGE REQUIRED)

Breaking Barriers: Lessons on Diversity in Tech (BADGE REQUIRED)

Design for Inclusivity: How and Why to Get Started (BADGE REQUIRED)

Everyone’s Kinda Queer: The Future of LGBTQ Media (BADGE REQUIRED)

Featured Session: Behind the Click: Securing the Future for Black Women and Girls in Tech (BADGE REQUIRED)

Maternal Mortality in America: What’s Going On? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Our Own Worst Enemy: Why Women Keep Each Other Down (BADGE REQUIRED)

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Women’s Action for New Direction (BADGE REQUIRED)

50 and Up Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Economic Case for Gender Equality (BADGE REQUIRED)



The Women Redefining Work and Their Careers (BADGE REQUIRED)

Celebrate International Women’s Day – Happy Hour and Mixer

2019 #BigGayKickoff Party

SXSW Opening Reception @ The Carter

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday Meet-Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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Army Futures Command Fireshade Chat

Generation Titans’ Titan Generator

SXSW Community Conversations – Marsai Martin – Genius Productions – Blackish

Austinpreneur: Fearless Women in Action (BADGE REQUIRED)

Breaking Through the Maternal Wall (BADGE REQUIRED)

Encryption and Minority Communities (BADGE REQUIRED)

Art, Race + Open Web VR: The Colored Girls Museum (BADGE REQUIRED)

Crowdfunding: Improving Health in Africa and Beyond (BADGE REQUIRED)

Queer Filmmakers Brunch 2019

The Female Body: Athleticism, Empowerment, Strength? (BADGE REQUIRED)

How Midlife Women Work their Entrepreneurial Mojo (BADGE REQUIRED)

How the Gender Tech Movement is Empowering Women (BADGE REQUIRED)

Let’s Ask the Men: Ending the Newsroom Gender Gap (BADGE REQUIRED)

Standing with the Queer Community in a Deep Red State (BADGE REQUIRED)

The State of Women’s Health Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women Investing in Inclusive Innovation (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women Rule Podcast Taping

We Empower

Achieving Gender Equity in Design Leadership (BADGE REQUIRED)

Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion in the New Media Economy (BADGE REQUIRED)

Female Founder Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Future is Fluid: How Gender and Sexuality Has Changed (BADGE REQUIRED)

Funding Racial Equity in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (BADGE REQUIRED)

Grassroots Female Film Network Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Gymnastics 2.0 and a New Era in Women’s Sports (BADGE REQUIRED)

How Power and Privilege Show Up at Work (BADGE REQUIRED)


It’s All By Design: #MeToo and the Military (BADGE REQUIRED)

Men’s Role in Gender Equality at Work (BADGE REQUIRED)

We Tried to Tell Y’all: Black Twitter As A Source (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Future is Female

ATX Wild Woman Project Circle: Tiny Revolutions (BADGE REQUIRED)

Featured Session: The Women’s Evolution in WWE and Beyond (BADGE REQUIRED)

The US Is Racist AF. What Can I Do? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women and Nonbinary Portrait Meet!

“Black Bodies” Screening and Discussion

We’re Here, We’re Queer and Changing the Film World (BADGE REQUIRED)

Are There Civil Rights in a Tech World? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Blurred Lines: Beauty in a Gender Fluid World (BADGE REQUIRED)

Can Business Defend LGBTI Rights Under Fire? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Community Healing for Women of Color Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation (BADGE REQUIRED)

Does Queer Media Have a Future? (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Economics of Equality (BADGE REQUIRED)

How Women are Rebuilding a Man-Made Internet (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Interracial Couple as a Crash Course in Emoji (BADGE REQUIRED)

Military Veterans Aren’t F**king Charity (BADGE REQUIRED)

Pitch Black

Disrupting the Status Quo: Female Leaders in Tech (BADGE REQUIRED)

Equal Opportunity Behind the Lens: Media Diversity (BADGE REQUIRED)

LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Trailblazing Women: Igniting Inclusive Innovation (BADGE REQUIRED)

Unofficial SXSW Queer Artist Showcase & Fundraiser

Bunker Brews Austin @ SXSW Military Happy Hour

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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SXSW Community Service Awards

Bridging Diversity in the Film Industry Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Future of Gender Identities in Art and Media (BADGE REQUIRED)

How You Can Fight Bias with Content Strategy (BADGE REQUIRED)

HR is a Scam (Know Your Civil and Legal Rights) (BADGE REQUIRED)

Inclusivity in Media Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Language of Aroma: Designing for Inclusivity (BADGE REQUIRED)

Revisioning Activism Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Science, Spice, and Everything Nice: Girls in STEM (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in Digital Marketing Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Avoid Diversity Myths to Avoid Diversity Failures (BADGE REQUIRED)

Leading Women: Who Run the World? Girls. (BADGE REQUIRED)

Mental Health Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

RIP Lesbian Bars: Creating Spaces for LGBTQ+WOMXN (BADGE REQUIRED)

Walker’s Legacy x Capital one

  • TBD
  • 2p
  • Info: TBD

Women Funding Women Austin

LatiNext for the General Market (BADGE REQUIRED)

Woke Beauty: An Intimate Discussion with Celebrated Austin Women

Austin Women Innovating Through Design Thinking (BADGE REQUIRED)

A Girlfriend’s Guide to White Woman Allyship (BADGE REQUIRED)

Growing Companies While Growing Humans (BADGE REQUIRED)

How a Record Number of Women Ran and Won in 2018 (BADGE REQUIRED)

A Latino Panel for Non-Latinos (BADGE REQUIRED)

Womanhood, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship (BADGE REQUIRED)

Latinas in Tech SXSW Meetup

HBCU Battle of the Brains Finals (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in Color in Tech

Immigrant as Innovator (BADGE REQUIRED)

Network and Learn How Easterseals is Helping Industries Include Disability in Diversity Discussions (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Official SXSW Black Tech Meet-Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Feminine Revolution: Ignite Your Power (BADGE REQUIRED)

LGBTQ+ in the Public Sector Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Tech Diversity Report Card 2019 (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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All the Startup Ladies: Reimagining the VC Scene (BADGE REQUIRED)

Can the Private Sector Solve Inequality? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Making Your Business More LGBT+ Inclusive (BADGE REQUIRED)

Mothers of the Resistance: Women Leading the Movement (BADGE REQUIRED)

A New Approach to Tech Algorithms (From Africa (BADGE REQUIRED)

Period Power: Learning How to Embrace Your Cycle (BADGE REQUIRED)

Sanctuary: Documenting Faith-Based Social Movements (BADGE REQUIRED)

Startup Journey as Told By Black and Latinx Women (BADGE REQUIRED)

Why We Need to Improve Autism Tech, Yesterday (BADGE REQUIRED)

400 Years of Inequality (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women Who Travel Live Podcast and Meetup: Austin

Can Faith and Feminism Coexist? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Diversity is the New Superfood (BADGE REQUIRED)

Fashion’s Fit Issue: Representation and Tech (BADGE REQUIRED)

Jews in Tech Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Latinos Lead: Where Do We Go From Here? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Latinx Digital Lives: Culture, Content, and Community (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women Who Create Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Diversity Advocates SXSW Meetup

Women of Color Leadership: Overcome Culture Bias Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Bias In, Bias Out: Building Better AI (BADGE REQUIRED)

Black Twitter in Hollywood, Politics and Brands (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Changing Role of Women in the Arts (BADGE REQUIRED)

De-Coding Breast Cancer Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

My Brother’s Keeper: Where Equity and Data Meet (BADGE REQUIRED)

Tech Solutions for Engaging the African Diaspora (BADGE REQUIRED)

Tikkun Olam: How Faith Informs Social Justice (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in Film Behind-the-Scenes (BADGE REQUIRED)

#GotStamped: Gender Parity Success Stories (BADGE REQUIRED)

Crazy Rich Wakanda: Building Buzz and Selling Seats (BADGE REQUIRED)

Designing a Pipeline of Urban Innovators (BADGE REQUIRED)

Effective Religious and Civic Leadership (BADGE REQUIRED)

Equitable Design for Persons with Disabilities (BADGE REQUIRED)

How Diversity Became Our Implicit Bias (BADGE REQUIRED)

How LGBT+ Allies Can Improve Workplaces (BADGE REQUIRED)

Improving Underserved Communities Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Inclusivity Through Allyship and Intersectionality (BADGE REQUIRED)

Phenomenal Women: Black, Demonized and Deified (BADGE REQUIRED)

Racy Conversations for Women: Interracial Sisterhood (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women’s Health: Big Problems, Better Solutions (BADGE REQUIRED)

SXSW Women in Digital Rally (BADGE REQUIRED)

Advancing Mental Wellbeing in Communities of Color (BADGE REQUIRED)

A Black and White Perspective on Entrepreneurship (BADGE REQUIRED)

Featured Session: Arlan Hamilton (BADGE REQUIRED)


Going Beyond the Gender Binary in the Workplace (BADGE REQUIRED)

Muslim Jewish Sisterhood and Public Policy (BADGE REQUIRED)

Dear Spanish: You’re Sexist, Let’s Fix That (BADGE REQUIRED)

South American Storytelling Beyond Stereotypes (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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Tech Change Agents for Diversity

Hack Diversity by Capitalizing on Human Potential (BADGE REQUIRED)

Return on Inclusion: Generations of Women at Work (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Disability Story: Diversity in Media (BADGE REQUIRED)

New Bosses/New Voices: Diversity in Media Ownership (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Rise of Black Business in Brazil (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Women Impacted By US Border and Immigration Laws (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women’s Health: How Do You Market Taboo Topics? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Asian American Artists and Entrepreneurs Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Building New Pathways to Tech (BADGE REQUIRED)

For Women, by Women: Knowing Your Audience (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Overlooked Future of US Entrepreneurs: Latinx (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Power and Profit in Partnership for Black Women (BADGE REQUIRED)

Disrupting Gender Norms: Authenticity in Advertising (BADGE REQUIRED)

Girl Gaze: Why Representation Matters (BADGE REQUIRED)

Pride Portraits: Creating a LGBTQ+ Photo Campaign (BADGE REQUIRED)

Inclusive Conversations: Building Interracial Sisterhood at Work

The New Philanthropists Speaker Series featuring Janaye Ingram

Black@Facebook ATX Presents Black Genius

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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A Blueprint for Corporate Innovation & Inclusion (BADGE REQUIRED)

Diversity in Tech and the Future of Black Communities (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in XR Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Add Accessibility to Your Process the Easy-ish Way (BADGE REQUIRED)

Create Your Own Bitcoin with Black Girls CODE! – Group 1 (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Blind Cook: MasterChef Winner, Christine Ha (BADGE REQUIRED)

Country Music’s Struggle to Define Women (BADGE REQUIRED)

Navigating the New Frontiers in Accessibility (BADGE REQUIRED)

Pitch & Flow: A Social Enterprise Rap Battle (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in the World of Venture Capital (BADGE REQUIRED)

Create Your Own Bitcoin with Black Girls CODE! – Group 2 (BADGE REQUIRED)

Results and Reactions: The First Women in Music Study (BADGE REQUIRED)

VR/AR Save the World! Emerging Tech & Civil Rights (BADGE REQUIRED)

The Margin

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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The Outer Limits: Tackling Inclusivity in the Media (BADGE REQUIRED)

Diversifying Artificial Intelligence (BADGE REQUIRED)

Is Corporate Inclusion Diversish? (BADGE REQUIRED)

Rock-and-Roll Woman (BADGE REQUIRED)

Women in the Music Industry Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Growth Meets Opportunity: African Market Spotlight (BADGE REQUIRED)

Females in Cannabis Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Asians and the Music Business Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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Minorities in the Games Industry Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

#youtoo? Creating a More Inclusive Music Industry (BADGE REQUIRED)

Engaging Activists Through Games and Media Meet Up (BADGE REQUIRED)

Black Women in Entertainment: The Necessary Voice (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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2nd Annual Blossom & Sol Culture and Natural Hair Festival

Diversity in Video Games: Hard Talk for Change (BADGE REQUIRED)

Hue Beauty and Natural Hair Affair

The Women Behind the Music (BADGE REQUIRED)

Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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Please keep us posted on any tech or business events we’re missing!
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