Austin-Based Organization to Diversify Nonprofit Boards

While the lack of diversity seen on nonprofit boards across the country isn’t a new issue, an organization in Austin wants it to change, and fast.

The New Philanthropists recently held their first meeting at St. David’s Foundation with a focus on addressing diversity-related issues that nonprofits are currently experiencing, in addition to brainstorming how to bring more people of color to boards of nonprofits.

Even though diversity in tech has been a hot topic for years now, we’re continuing to see that diversity isn’t improving. Since boards of both profit and nonprofit organizations help make decisions that impact communities and lives, one could easily say they’re not capable of properly serving and making a change.

William Buster, VP of Community Investments for St. David’s Foundation, shared three reasons why nonprofit boards need to reflect the communities they serve:

  1. Encouraging a sense of affinity
  2. Offering cultural understanding that people can see and feel
  3. Helping to enhance the nonprofit community as a whole

During group table discussions, these points were repeated which challenged our thoughts and perspectives on how to connect and get involved with the nonprofit community. At the end, The New Philanthropists decided to focus on three items:

  1. Prepare and support new boards through network support
  2. Identify 100 people of color, or “new talent” for nonprofit boards
  3. Place 100 new diverse candidates on nonprofit boards by the end of 2019

These three action items will help nonprofit boards reflect the community they serve through visual representation, but also challenge boards to better understand and do right by the communities they serve.

The BLNDED Media team is motivated to continually develop as leaders and take advantage of opportunities that organizations such as The New Philanthropists provide.

If you’re interested in getting involved with The New Philanthropists, visit their websiteTwitter, and Facebook for more information.